• Dear Parent(s),


    Congratulations on your daughter's acceptance to Eastern Illinois University and their desire to become a member of an outstanding Greek system. Eastern's greek system is a member of a 17-state regional: Mid-American Interfraternity and Panhellenic Council Association. Eastern Illinois University's Panhellenic Council is an award-winning council and has been rewarded for excellence in many areas. Panhellenic Council has been named the best sorority community in the Midwest for several years.

    Eastern's sororities strive to create well-rounded individuals through their involvement in both social and educational events. Panhellenic Council sponsors All-Greek Educational Programs and organize "Critical Issues Week," a week dedicated to educating students on various topics such as AIDS awareness, drunken driving, self-esteem and sexual assault.

    We are very proud to be members of an outstanding Greek system. Greek life has taught us the things that cannot be taught in the classroom. If you have any questions regarding Eastern Illinois University or it's Greek system, please do not hesitate to contact , Nathan Wehr, Director of Fraternity & Sorority Programs at 217-581-3967 or njwehr@eiu.edu.