Tips and Tricks

  • Here are some common tips and tricks to remember while going through recruitment!

  • Involve your Recruitment Counselor in your decision

     Your Recruitment Counselor will try to answer any questions you may have for her and will do her best to guide you successfully through the Recruitment process. She is here as your friend and you should feel free to go to her with any problem, thought, question, or concern you have.



    Be interested in all of the sororities

      You will be remembered and you may decide you really like a sorority even if you initially did not care for them.



    Be polite

     Even if you are really not interested you should still be polite and thank the individual you met for showing you around.

  • Get plenty of sleep

     The days will be long and tiring and a good night’s sleep can help keep you on top of your game.



    Do not to speak negatively about any Sorority

      While you may have not been interested in that particular sorority, another girl in your group may have really loved them, or vice versa, so it is extremely important to not badmouth a Sorority. If you need someone to talk to, please talk to your Recruitment Counselor.



     Don’t be afraid to decline or accept refreshments or food

    You will not offend the Sorority if you decide to decline the refreshments offered.  With that being said, do not be afraid to ask if you need to eat or drink during the round.  Staying hydrated during rounds is important!



    Ask questions

     It can be very intimidating for both you and the sorority women to have a conversation with someone they do not know. It will help the conversation and be a sign of your interest and you will learn more about the sorority.

  • Smile!

     Have a good time with Recruitment, it is a process that opens up a ton of doors for you!



     Be mature in your decision making

     Be realistic about which members you felt most comfortable with. Do not be influenced by other’s opinions.



     Sorority members are just as nervous and anxious as you!

     They have all been through recruitment themselves and know exactly how you feel!



    Look at each sorority as a whole

     Try not to judge it by the one or two women you met.